Gaia blev udnævnt til "Au Pair of the Year" af hendes værtsfamilie

Gaia, italiensk au pair I USA fra vores moderselskab Mondo Insieme, blev nomineret af sin amerikanske værtsfamilie til konkurrencen “Au Pair of the Year 2021”, der arrangeres hvert år af vores amerikanske partner EurAupair Intercultural Child Care Programs. Vi er stolte af at dele det smukke brev som hendes værtsfamilie skrev. OBS: Find nogle lommetørklæder inden læsning, du får brug for dem   

Dear Gaia,

To us you are not an au pair, you are family. I could say that this feeling grew with time but I would lie. This feeling was there almost immediately after you arrived. Such a deep connection that you share with each of us and that all of us feel for you. 

Since the first day you metSebastian at the airport and I drove you home to Anaïs ans Martin till now, a year later, after this all nightmare, you stuck with us, you made every day a bit better. We cannot express all the gratitude and how much thankful we are that you stayed with us,
aside us through the laughs and the cries, the ups and downs, the incertitude of such a scaryyear. 

You know I had doubts about this au pair experience but gosh I am so glad that we decided to do this. This experience made us meet you, our sunshine, our guardian angel. It is painful for us to think that you will have to leave in a few months after sharing almost 2 years of our lives and going through a pandemia with us. 

However, we know you will thrive in doing anything you want in the next chapter of your life because you are the strongest and the most good-hearted person we know.

We love you very dearly Gaia.

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