Studerende år 2023 – 2024

                                 Udvekslingsstuderende til Danmark

                                     Mød jeres nye familiemedlem

          Her er nogle af de fantastiske unge fra hele verden som vi søger værtsfamilier til. 

Før en studerende bliver optaget i vores udvekslings program, skal han eller hun udvise ekstraordinære kvaliteter. Studerende vælges på baggrund af deres skolegang og karakterer, personlighed og evne til at komme godt ud af det med andre. Dette afgøres via interviews, skriftlige anbefalinger og karakterbog – så I kan være sikre på, at den studerende, der kommer til jeres hjem, er et velfungerende ungt menneske.

Når I og jeres studerende mødes ansigt til ansigt for første gang, vil I ikke føle jer som fremmede, da hele  jeres familie vil være involveret i udvælgelsesprocessen; I vil læse et “Kære værtsfamilie” brev fra jeres nye søn eller datter, og når I er godkendt, vil I se en samling af billeder fra den studerende som I har valgt, i hans eller hendes hjemlige miljø blandt familiemedlemmer og venner. 

For at få en god start på jeres venskab, har I mulighed for at skrive sammen før din studerendes ankomst. Når jeres udvekslingsstudent ankommer, vil jeres ASSE-områderepræsentant være tilgængelig i løbet af hele opholdet for at besvare eventuelle spørgsmål og snakke om glæder, bekymringer eller tvivl. 

I tilfælde af en reel nødsituation kan du kontakte et af ASSEs nødnumre 24 timer i døgnet.


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Ankomst august/september 2023. 

Nogle elever er på udveksling i Danmark i 3 måneder, andre 10 måneder.

Læs herunder elevernes brev og lær dem at kende



Michael vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:

Dear Host Family,
I would like to start by introducing myself, my name is Michael. I would also like to say thank you for looking into me. I believe we can both create a great bond. I am currently 15 years old; I will be 16 years old when I arrive overseas. I live with my mom and my stepdad. I have an older brother that recently graduated university and moved out of state to begin his career. I am a sophomore in high school, I think that is year eleven for European countries if I’m not mistaken.Læs mit fulde brev her


Camilo vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:

Hi, I am Camilo. I would like to talk a little bit about myself
before we meet each other.
I am very respectful, responsible, and I think that I have good
values. I am very extroverted, very passionate and I always want to
improve. I am a very energetic guy, highly active, and I always use
my time to do something with my friends or my family. Læs mit fulde brev her


Salomé vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:

Hi ! My name is Salomé, and I am from Canada. I’m a native French speaker since I live in Quebec, the French part of my country, but I’m also good at English because I’ve been studying it at school for about 10 years. I live in a small city with my parents and my two little sisters. We also have a 3-year-old dog, and I love her very much! Læs mit fulde brev her.


Ariadna vil gerne være i Danmark i 3 måneder:

HI! My name is Ari, I am 15 years old and from Argentina. I chose Denmark as the destination for my first exchange because I fell in love with the culture, the landscapes and all about it. I hope to learn Danish, it seems to me an interesting language. I also hope to make friends and get along with my future family, I am
sociable so I am sure that I will be able to do it. Læs mit fulde brev her.



Joaquin vil gerne være i Danmark i 3 måneder:

HI! My name is Joaquin, I am 17 years old and from Argentina. I love going out to new places and see incredible landscapes, I am sure the free time I will have in Denmark I’ll use to walking and exploring. I also like drawing or reading a good book. On weekends I enjoy watching series or playing video games with my friends.I attend a piano conservatory, I currently have 1 years left to recibe my piano teacher diploma. Læs mit fulde brev her.



Gina vil gerne være i Danmark i 5 måneder:


My name is Gina and I’m 16 years old, I live in an eco-village in the hills of Cordoba with my family. Cordoba is a province in the middle of Argentina; it is located in a region called Pampa Húmeda but it’s got some beautiful hills and lovely rivers where we can swim and hang out with friends. I moved here when I was 5 years old, before I used to live in Buenos Aires…Læs mit fulde brev her


Maximo vil gerne være i Danmark i 3 måneder:

My name is Máximo and I am 16 years old, but I will be 17 in August. I am medium height. I have brown curly hair and green eyes. Although I’m a bit shy, I am friendly and pleased by sharing time with people. I live in a small village near the hills. My village is close to a big city, and this city is in the center of the country. I live with my family: my parents, my oldest brother Santino and my sister Brunella… Læs mit fulde brev her


Nicolas vil gerne være i Danmark i 3 måneder:

Hello Dear Family!
My name is Nicolás. I’m 17 and I live with my parents, Juan and Verónica. I’m an only child. My mum has 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and my dad has 1 brother, so I have some uncles, aunts and little cousins, we are few but very close. Between my cousins, I’m the oldest one with a gap of 4 years so I don’treally hang out with them that much. Instead, I meet with my group of friends.Læs mit fulde brev her
Elena vil gerne være i Danmark i 5 måneder:
Hej min kære host family,
Jeg er meget glad for at skrive dette brev til dig. Mit navn er Elena og jeg er 15 år gammel. I live with my mom and I have a great relationship with her, we’re very open with each other. I often go to my dad’s house because I love spending time with him playing in our music room. Min mormor lives in Spain but min lille kusine lives in my city and she’s like a little sister for me. My relatives on dad’s side live in the south of Italy and I go there in summer to spend time all together the beach 😊 I have plenty of hobbies.. Les mit fulde brev her


Emma vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:

HI! My name is Emma, I am 16 years old and from France. I love school so much. History fascinates me, it allows me to know the evolution of humans. I have an unconditional love for music, books and movies ! Why did I choose to be an exchange student? The first reason is to open myself up to new cultures which can sometimes be completely different. The second reason is to learn and understand Danish better.  Læs mit fulde brev her.



 Griseide vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:

My name is Griseide, I’m 16 years old and from Italy. I am curious to be in a new family, with different rules and traditions and to feel part of a world that is not the one I grew up in. I also imagine myself speaking another language almost as if it were my own and that is something that excites me. I would love to come to Denmark because I am fascinated by Danish culture, your civic sense and your love of nature. Læs mit fulde brev her.

 Bianca vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:


I’m Bianca, I’m 16 years old and I live in the north of Italy.
I am so excited to do this exchange in Denmark because it is my first time and the Scandinavian countries always catch my attention! Jeg synes, de er smukke!
My family is also very happy to let me have this experience as they believe it will be very useful for me. My parents have encouraged me from the first day because they believe it is a wonderful experience. .Læs mit fulde brev her


 Nicolas vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:


Dear Host Family.
Hello, my name is Nicolas, my family and friends affectionately call me Nico.
I am very excited to be able to study abroad and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the family.
I am going to share a little about myself and everything I like to do, I am a person who loves all kinds of sports, of course I have my favorites like basketball and American football, sports that I am practicing to this day, but also every weekend my dad and I go mountain biking, which I really like.Læs mit fulde brev her


Ethan vil gerne være i Danmark i 10 måneder:

Kære Værtsfamilie,
Jeg hedder Ethan, Jeg er 16 år gammel og vil være begejstret for at være
sammen med din familie i det næste år. I’m a sophomore in high school and take my
academics very seriously, due to my dedication I’m able to maintain a weighted 4.0
GPA. My two favorite subjects in school are math and history. Math is one of my favorite
subjects because I understand it well and it’s the language of the universe. History is
also one of my favorite subjects because I love learning about the past of the world and
implying the lessons of the past into my life.Læs mit fulde brev her


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